New Year's Resolutions

Posted on 2018-01-06 by Larry Schneider in General

Today is the first Sunday in 2018. It is our first opportunity as Christians to assemble and worship our Lord on the first day of the week in this New Year. Perhaps by now you have already broken some of the New Year‘s resolutions that you made less than a week ago. Many times we set high and lofty goals for ourselves only to find them impossible to accomplish. Keeping your resolutions simple and within reach are suggestions by many when it comes to setting goals.

Jonathan Edwards was a prominent American clergyman who lived from 1703 until 1758. He wrote many books and preached many sermons during his lifetime. Read the following resolutions that Edwards wrote one time at New Year. “Resolution 1 – I will live for God. Resolution 2 – If no one else does, I still will.”  Simple and profound resolutions are many times the easiest to live by. In our chaotic world, Jonathan Edwards says, “Put God first in your life no matter what anyone else does.”

We begin this New Year of 2018 with great hopes and great expectations. We look forward to new challenges and adventures in our lives. We look forward to new opportunities that will present themselves to us. Put God first in your life in 2018. Let the words of the Holy Scriptures fill your lives with hope and joy in the coming year. Lean upon your Savior during times of distress and give thanks to the Almighty for all of your blessings.

In 2018, our theme is “On the road to Emmaus.” Come and join us as we open the Holy Book to study the Old Testament scriptures that foretold the coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This first quarter we will study the first part of Genesis in our Sunday morning Bible class. On Wednesday evening, we will offer a Study of 1st and 2nd Samuel or a study of Solomon. Knowing the Old Testament scriptures makes it much easier to understand those things spoken of in the New Testament.

“On the road to Emmaus” held fascinating insights into the life of Jesus Christ as described in the Law, the Prophets, and the Psalms for those two men who Jesus met that day. Please take the time to read Luke 24: 13-35.                                                               

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